A revision of the Brunsvigia radula-group (Amaryllidaceae: Amaryllideae) of species in South Africa, including the description of Brunsvigia gariepensis a new species from Bushmanland in Northern Cape

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2012
Authors:Snijman, D. A.
Journal:South African Journal of Botany

The Brunsvigia radula-group of species, defined by their small size and capsules that dehisce readily along the septa, is revised. The new species Brunsvigia gariepensis Snijman, endemic to the Pellaberg and Ghaamsberg, is distinguished by its distinct perigone tube and biseriate stamens. The circumscriptions of Brunsvigia comptonii W.F.Barker and Brunsvigia namaquana D.Mull.-Doblies & U.Mull.-Doblies are amplified to accommodate recent range extensions into northern Bushmanland, and B. radula (Jacq.) W.T.Aiton is re-circumscribed as narrowly endemic to dolomite outcrops in the Knersvlakte, Western Cape. The species in the group are distinguished by the nature of the trichomes on the adaxial leaf surface (papillose or setose), the shape and relative position of the bristles (straight and pliable or curved and hard), the length of the perigone tube (4-5 vs. <= 0.5 mm long), and the relative lengths of the stamens (biseriate or variable in length). Complete descriptions, nomenclature and typification are given. (C) 2012 SAAB. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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