Chromosomal variation and evolution in Lycoris (Amaryllidaceae) I. Intraspecific variation in the karyotype of Lycoris chinensis Traub

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2012
Authors:Liu, K., Zhou, S. B., Huang, Y. J., Tang, C. F., Zhang, D., Huang Z. Z.
Journal:Plant Systematics and Evolution

{In 188 bulbs from five populations of Lycoris chinensis from Anhui province, China, several chromosomal variations have been discovered. Although their frequencies are low, some rearranged chromosomes which are aberrant have been found. The aberrants are: (1) small metacentrics (m'); (2) submetacentrics (sm); (3) subtelocentrics (st); (4) acrocentrics (t); and (5) satellite chromosomes (SAT). All can be easily suspected as being derived from telocentric chromosomes (T type chromosomes). Some individuals having one or more B chromosomes have been found, and intrapopulational variation of B chromosomes in number has also been observed. Because of having B chromosome, L. chinensis has some different chromosome complement numbers: 2n = 16

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